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House-o'-Lantern Empty House-o'-Lantern

Post by Casper69 on Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:17 pm

When you put a big smile on the face of your haunted house, you're sure to do the same for your trick-or-treaters.
Corrugated cardboard
Pencils or markers
Craft knife
Glue stick
Orange tissue paper
Painter's or masking tape
Measure the inside of an appropriate window and cut corrugated cardboard to fit tightly. Draw a face on the cardboard, then cut out the pieces with a craft knife (a parent's job).
On the interior side of the cardboard, use a glue stick to cover the openings with orange tissue paper.
Set the cardboard in the window and use painter's or masking tape to hold it in place. Place a lamp near the window to light your house-o'-lantern.
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