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15 Minute Exercise Routine Empty 15 Minute Exercise Routine

Post by Casper69 on Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:08 pm

Getting a small workout into a busy schedule is challenging, but very possible. The moves below will have you sweating in no time and can be done anywhere. Try to fit this routine in at least five times a week. Tools you will need include a mat and a pair of five- to eight-pound weights or a resistance band/tube.

Jogging on the Spot
Jogging on the spot in this routine will serve two purposes. First to warm up muscles--so jog slowly for about a minute. Then to start burning calories--jog twice as fast for the next two minutes. In the second faster interval, focus on lifting your knees higher to burn more calories. Emphasize arm movements and pump your arms harder.

Squat, Biceps Curl and Leg Lift
This move works your butt, legs, and core and biceps muscles. Stand with your feet slightly apart. If using hand weights, grab them and hold them against your body, with your elbows slightly bent. If using workout bands, place the center of the band under your feet, below the arches. Lift up the band and hold it to your side with elbows bent. To increase resistance, wrap the band around your palms until the band is firm. Pretend there is a bench to sit on and then lower you body as if sitting down on a low bench. Make sure your knees are not over the feet. Lift back up, almost to standing, and lift the left leg to the side, balancing on the right leg. Return the lifted leg to standing with slightly bent knees. Repeat the squat on the other side. As you lower, pump your arms up and curl to the chest. As you come up, arms come down. Repeat this move for three minutes.

Squat Thrust
Squat thrusts work all major muscle groups and burn calories fast. Stand with your feet slightly apart and bend your knees slightly. Squat down and place your palms on the ground, making sure your chest is lifted. Using your arms to balance, press palms to the ground and jump back into a push up pose. Hold this pose for a second. Jump back to squat. Return to standing. This counts as one repetition; repeat for at least 10 reps, which should bring you to about a minute-and-a-half.

Core Plank
This is a combination move that works the core as well as the upper body. Lie down with stomach facing down. Lift up with arms and elbows slightly bent. Tuck in the tummy. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Take a 10-second break. Then repeat this move for eight repetitions.

Side Jump
Stand up with feet together. Jump to the right and land on the right leg, keeping up the left knee. Hold for three seconds. Jump to the left with the left leg, keeping up the right knee. Hold for three seconds. Repeat this move for three minutes and make sure to pump the arms back and forth to burn more calories.

Vigorously march in place by pumping the arms and lifting the legs as high as possible. Continue this move for 90 seconds. Slow it down and continue really slowly for an additional 90 seconds. Your 15-minute workout routine is now complete.
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